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Author Judith Pennington has dedicated this website to Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense (2014). This gem of a book continues to win attention and acclaim for its spiritual and scientific approach to inner guidance, meditation, and the spiritual awakening of awareness.    

Your Psychic Soul takes readers on an experiential journey to the inner guidance that is so readily available in meditation, dreams, inspired writing, and psychic readings for self and others.  

Filled with compelling stories, case histories, and clear explanations of the brainwaves and quantum science of intuition, Your Psychic Soul features exercises and guided meditations opening to the soul's transcendent wisdom. Cradled in stillness, the mind receives creative solutions to everyday questions, issues and challenges. 

Your Psychic Soul makes a powerful and convincing case that consciously connecting with the soul and its higher self awakens and evolves consciousness faster than anything else!

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The psychic soul continually receives and transmits information in the five-sensory earth and six-sensory realm of the higher self, a kind of template in Universal Consciousness. Everyone has had some kind of contact with their soul:

We think about a long lost relative or friend and suddenly that person telephones or knocks at the door. Or we contact someone we haven’t spoken with in a while, and the person exclaims: “I was just thinking about you!”

Many people get soul messages while driving their automobiles. They hear a sharp inner command to "Change lanes," and by quickly obeying, avoid a disastrous car collision. My chiropractor, Terry Hafer, was flying an airplane when a metallic voice in her headphones said she had a visitor waiting in the tower. She landed the plane only moments before a catastrophic engine failure. Her prompt landing probably saved her life.

But who told her to do so? The two air controllers had not contacted her, and there was no one waiting in the tower. 

How do I connect with my soul?

The great psychic, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), likened the soul to a radio, and quantum science agrees with him on this. Operating in the unconscious mind, the soul is in constant communication with the quantum field of light that composes this and other dimensions. 

What information does the soul pick up? The answer is simple: that with which it resonates. The clearer and stronger our frequencies of consciousness, the more attuned we are to cosmic energies--and the better we send and receive psychic information.

What is the nature of the soul?

Psychic stories abound, and no doubt you have wonderful and amazing tales of your own to tell. Soul messages excite and uplift us, as they are meant to do!

Cayce tells us that we do not possess a soul, but are a soul with a sixth sense that constantly communes with spirit teachers, guides, angels, and our own higher self: an energetic blueprint residing in the light-filled ocean of spirit that we call God, Universal Mind, Source, the Quantum Field, or the Superconscious.

Most people find it hard to believe in an angelic, superconscious awareness that is within and around them. And yet, sometimes we sense and feel its presence, and even when we turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the psychic soul, we are protected by this superconscious higher self until we can accept and rise into it.

How do we communicate with the psychic soul not just in emergencies, but at any time? Simply by quieting the busy conscious mind and resting in the calm, still waters of the subconscious, where the intuitive soul and its sixth sense reside.

Deepening into the soul

Silent meditation coupled with psychic inquiry opens the mind to the soul and increases attunement faster than anything else. Try the following meditation. It will help you deepen into the lower frequencies and higher vibrations of your multidimensional soul.  

Sit comfortably in a straight-backed chair. Loosen any binding clothing, close your eyes, and set an intention to commune with your soul in any or all of its languages: an inner voice, vision, feeling, or sense of knowing. 

Crystallize your question in words, then set the question aside and spend a few minutes relaxing. Relax the back of your tongue so you can't talk to yourself, slow your breath rate, and scan the inside of your body to release tension. Breathe light into any dark areas of tension until there is only light and relaxation.

Focusing on relaxation will gradually withdraw your awareness from the outer world into yourself. Should your thoughts stay busy, notice the location of that electrical activity (usually outside the head) and throw a rope around it. Then pull your thoughts into your head. Draw white light from just above the crown of your head and immerse your thoughts in the light. Then, usher your light-filled thoughts into your heart and allow them to rest there.  

When you feel peaceful, united and present to yourself, bring your question to mind  and wait patiently for answers. Insights may bubble up right away, or you may need to wait for imagery to coalesce. Trust in what you receive and use it!

If you are distracted by random thoughts, just return your awareness to your heart and breathe into it. 
Your soul will provide what is needed right away, or answers will come in a dream or waking synchronicity (defined as a meaningful coincidence of inner and outer events).

Rewiring the brain to higher awareness

When you awaken from meditation, jot down notes about your experience. Keeping a record will help you remember the insights and refine your descent into meditation until it is quick and easy.  

Practicing meditation will increase your mental focus and sharpen your thinking so you can sustain awareness in everyday life as well. This will quiet your mind and enhance your lucidity, creativity and intuition! 

Mindful, meditative awareness will rewire you to a higher level of consciousness--on the level of nerve cells and neural circuitry in the brain and body.   

In this awakened awareness, “ah-ha” insights and peak experiences will pour into your waking life, as a pitcher pours life-giving water into a cup. You will fill with Light to become more as-Light, as an inspired writing told me some two decades ago. Everything that is not peace, love, and happiness will simply dissipate, if that is your desire and intention.

Loving self as Soul

Your soul is your wisest teacher, dearest friend, and loving parent. Since you are your soul, you need only listen to your deeper self to draw boundless riches from the wellspring of wisdom flowing within you. Following soul guidance will unite your mind into a light-filled oneness with other people, your higher self, and Universal Consciousness. 

Nothing else is more exciting and fulfilling than this, as it makes the soul's brilliant, transcendent higher self the master of your mind and life. 

Your Psychic Soul offers many different techniques for consciously connecting with the soul. Its companion set of guided meditation CDs ensure a successful voyage through the sea of mind and spirit, as you become the captain of your ship and the master of your destiny.  

Constant communication with the wise, guiding soul makes life easier and more worthwhile. Loving yourself as the beautiful soul that you are, in your essence, will lift you into your highest and most divine self.


Author Judith Pennington is a world authority on EEG awakened mind meditation and the evolution of consciousness. Visit EagleLife.com to enjoy a free guided meditation, read her two free online newsletters, or join a private or group EEG-led brainwave meditation training. Visit the Institute for the Awakened Mind to learn more about deepening into the brainwaves of the soul for self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

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